Challenge Based Innovation A3

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Christine Thong, Swinburne University of Technology



Australia, Germany, United States of America

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Arts & design
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CBI A3 is an educational program that aims to build a globally responsible, generation of design innovators who thrive in addressing complex, societal challenges using novel design methodologies that integrate domains of deep technology, futures thinking, radical innovation and societal needs. The course brings together Master level higher education students from Universities across 3 different continents, to learn as part of a diverse, global community of innovation practice. Interdisciplinary teams include disciplines across health sciences, design, engineering, computer science and the arts.

CBI A3 provides a toolkit to innovate responsibly with deep technology; combining mindset, methods and practical techniques to address United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. With a focus on radical design innovation that leads to future-focused design outcomes, be it a new product, experience, system or built environment, students are equipped with skills and motivation to apply technology that shapes society in a positive way.

This benefits students, by expanding traditional design thinking methodologies and increasing their skill set for employability, as well as understanding impact of their work in global contexts. This ultimately aims to benefit the planet by fostering responsibility, motivation and agency in the future generation of innovations. Established by Design Factory Melbourne at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia in collaboration with IdeaSquare, CERN, CBI A3 runs in partnership with other Design Factories, namely inno.space at Hochschule Mannheim in Germany and New York City Design Factory at Pace University in the United States of America.

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