Challenge Based Innovation for Artificial Intelligence

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Sonia Navarro, Esade




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ATTRACT stories: CBI4AI program

Project at a glance

  • Combines AI with the ATTRACT technologies, human needs, and societal challenges.
  • Multidisciplinary teams.

Public summary

Challenge-Based Innovation for Artificial Intelligence (CBI4AI) brings together multidisciplinary teams to work on technologies developed by the ATTRACT program, matching these with specific human needs and societal challenges. The particular focus of the course is on Artificial Intelligence (AI), a dynamic field that has changed our prior knowledge of social and business reality, making it crucial to establish an entirely new relationship between technology and society guided by the principles of sustainability and ethics.

The objective of the course is three-fold:

  1. Deliver a unique learning experience to the students.
  2. Propose innovative applications for technologies developed by ATTRACT community.
  3. Develop solutions to pressing challenges for humanity at large using AI.

General course objectives:

  • To provide a framework for analysis and development that uses design to exploit AI in business areas in a simple and effective manner.
  • To manage the overall process of creating and developing products in the technological field related to AI from the perspective of design.
  • To conduct research into the conceptualisation of new products and services adapted to customers through the advanced analysis of big data and the results of deep learning algorithms.
  • To integrate the user experience into the process of developing new products and services related to the fields of applying AI.
  • To implement applications that can take advantage of sensorization and data management processes in public and private smart environments.
  • To integrate social, technical and sustainable variables into work methodologies to develop systemic design solutions.
  • Understand the context and implications of AI in various fields, considering both its possible business applications and potential technological, economic, social and cultural impact.
  • Contribute a human-centred approach to creating innovative solutions within the framework of applying AI.

Student teams work for 10 weeks with ATTRACT-chosen technologies following a user-centred design process. While developing the solution, the teams receive support from the coaching team, go through a two days ideation process at CERN IdeaSquare and have several touch points with the scientists of the involved research centres. The teams will develop a new solution concept and present a proof-of-concept prototype and business model in the Final Presentation of the course.