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Based on ATTRACT project: H3D-VISIOnAiR

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Modality B

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Performing dentistry is labour-intensive and requires a lot of precision work by dentists. They work in areas that are often difficult to see and hard to reach. Dental treatment in the oral cavity is mostly based on operating with the naked eye or with the help of magnifying glasses. Small abnormalities can be hard to spot and can easily be missed. This leads to dentistry is a very time-consuming job that brings a lot of pressure and a high workload for the dentist. Meanwhile, many dentists experience a lot of stress as they work under time pressure yet must give attention to detail.

We propose the Eyedot as the solution, using the H3D-VISIOnAiR glasses to guide dentists. The glasses give augmented reality techniques extra information regarding the state of the teeth and the oral cavity to the dentist. This guides dentists in real time and allows them to spot diseases quicker and more precisely. The quality of the treatment will go up, and the workload of the dentists will go down.