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Matteo Vignoli, University of Bologna




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What is the idea behind the ATTRACT Project?

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The aim of CBI.ATTRACT is to develop the students’ entrepreneurial mindset as future innovation players while ensuring the valorization of existing innovative technologies and applying them to resolve societal needs. In 16 weeks, 5 inter-university teams of multidisciplinary students investigate breakthrough technologies to exploit their potential and develop relevant solutions to solve society, human, and ecosystem needs.

The program methodology is a hybrid model based on the human-centred approach of Design Thinking and Tech-Driven Innovation processes to nurturing the students’ ability to identify and evaluate technology opportunities with societal impact on a global and local level.

Students will connect with researchers, either with those who developed the imaging technology and with other experts, to acquire a technical understanding of the technology; with users and professionals from different fields to understand the technology’s potential impact in different contexts; finally, they will develop various ideas in an iterative process and will verify with users which applications have more potential. Teams are supported by local coaches, valorizing knowledge from Attract researchers and Ideasquare professionals during scheduled design sprints.

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